A Frenzied Collection of Story Manglings

A Frenzied Collection of Story Manglings

by Several Deranged Authors

Edited/Htmlised by Warren Toomey


The Authors
The Characters

The Knat Who Never Was
The Island of Lost Elderberries
Star Warts
The Goat That Was!
An Introduction to Furniture Restoration
Beside the Hilldicky Creek
In Quantised Cereberal Meanderings
Think Breezily, It's of Jap-Digested Heritage
Dangling Furry Mazurkas
Defective Ids Delight Mangoes
There And Back Again Because Of Llamas
Longditutinal Estimations; Wood Catharsis; Stellar Plastic
For My Armpit Hair Even Grows
The Friendly People Killed A Pantechnicon
Twice The Symbiotic Archaebacterial Cat Impersonations
Beyond The Ancient Realms, Beyond Ancient Realms
Longing For A Large Theodolite
Heated Funicular Holograms Abroard
Above, Around Tempestuous Bits
Mountains Of Enormous Fallopian Tubes Not
Drunkenly, He Mangled The Attenuated Persimmon
Shocking Draw Confounds Spinners
Memories Of Arboreal Memories
Slugs Become Bifocal Buffaloes Juxtaposed
Blithely But Eating Slimey
Parenthetical Archaeological Ornithopter Droppings
Sharpening Razor-Blunt Noses
Several Became Unhinged Knee-braces
Dedicated Canines Remove Mirror.
Outrageous Frederick Notably Queer Images
Plain Pain Brain Braided Insane Moraine
How, Where, When Inscrutability Matters Least
The Massive Fredretta Meets Cold Mixamitosis
Miss Fred Wisely Had Mountainous Apperturances
Superbly Quiescent, The Night Obscenely Dances
Cross-eyed Monitoring Earthquakes Unequivocally
Prunella Jumped, Melifluously Scarred
Poetic Karma as Described by Horses
Miniscule Approximations of Skewed Parallelograms in Music
Riding School Contraceptives Entangled Filberts
Laser Fred Sells a Lightning Arrestor
Orange Personification Therapeutic Percolators
Some Grey Phantasmal Prepubescent Word Perturbations
Six Deranged Esoteric Fundamental Orange Rollerskates
Across the Azure and Penultimate Ocean, Arthur
Bespectacled Solid Green Orangutangs
Polarisation of Eclectic Curtains in Hyperspace
The Great Foot Disaster of 1923
Strange Green Elephants Were Isolated Insulatorily
Self-referential Diseased Hobgoblins Ate
Slightly Green Rapacious Municipal Dining Sponges
Vegetarian Urinary Samplers Became Green-Eyed and Ravenous
Amorphous Shallow Rainbow Ruminations Gurgled Their Listerine
The story Warren wanted a title for
To Love Long in Forgery, when Red isn't Possible with only Strychnine
Never Eat Windswept Martians More Than Twice With Tricyclico Herbivores
Never Devoted But Undevoted to Undevoted Vote Devoted Devotees
Princes Never Saw Bjorn Free Fall into Orbiting Custard Tart Droppings
Her Noodle Pretence Was Never Greater
The Rime of The Ancient Hacker
Dennis was Malevolent Without his Exegesis
Even More Than Pointy Ozalp Could Rationally Deal With Himself

Copyright Notice

The stories are copyright (c) 1989-1993 by their respective authors. This Htmlised version is copyright (c) 1994 by Warren Toomey.

You may not reproduce or print these stories in any form whatsoever without express permission of the respective authors.