Above, Around Tempestuous Bits

Anthony, Callum, David, Derrick, Warren

10th June, 1989

Sadly, they dragged Patrick's badly mangled body over a rather large assembly of car tyres and used deodorant aerosol cans. Prunella remarked ``Boy, oh boy, my fortune is made! I will start a used freon and used wombat factory''.

The foreman, one Dennis W. Hogg, had recently been suffering from a contagious case of death. It was for this reason that Prunella also died, having recently had sexual relations with the latter. ``Oh'', she gasped, as she drew her final breath, ``if only I can just reach my Bat Utility Belt...'', but then she died, and her plan died with her, as did Patrick.

The vultures circled overhead, waiting for Patrick to get up again, like he did last time. How well they remembered the last time he had been killed in a rotary mango picker. At any rate, they wouldn't be needing his services again this summer.

As Robert groped forward along the tunnel, an evil figure shrouded in mist was carefully filling it in behind his behind. Patrick had now left, so the vultures fell upon the body of Robert, who then spontaneously combusted leaving only the merest trace of fish. A passing trawler completely missed it and continued out to the banks, where it suddenly sank for no well defined reason.

In the water, Dennis was dead. However the rest of the reserve team salvaged what spare parts they could, and, using the most up to date cheese knives, recreated Dennis as a charming young prince who instantly seized the cheese and escaped to South America. Prince Dennis of Patagonia, as he became known behind his back, or better known as King Shit, was reclining in his jacuzi while Patrick held his left foot in his hand after having it severed in a freak accident involving an elderberry picker and a large nuclear fridge. Apparently, the recent snow had been precipitated by the fridge reducing the air temperature. The many feet of snow following this buried everyone, killing them slowly and then only temporarily. The following morning, after a particularly cold night digging themselves out of the snow, there came a reddish purple supernova which killed everyone in the near vicinity. Plasma shock waves spread from the explosion, causing gas clouds to collapse, forming new stars, some of them so large, and described, with lots of commas, so that, and he died disjointedly.

Meanwhile, in a small swamp, nearby in a field of slightly, and yet not altogether unfamiliar elderberries, Patrick could be seen dragging himself. Soon he became tired of this, and, grasping one ear firmly in each thumb and forefinger, he tied them together, then jumped through the resulting loop. The other side was just like the one he had left, only it was on the other side.

``This is silly'', he thought and then exploded into the room, only to find that he had burst in on Prunella and Ozalp in the midst of a dog kennel, eating cabbage leaves. Sally was outraged, and advanced silently toward the kennel, wielding the samurai sword which she had stolen from the Large Smelly One who had just dropped the most potent fart in the history of mankind and successfully succeeded in wiping out the better half of the whole galaxy, and yet didn't.

As Stuart lay there, still laughing uncontrollably, Anja rolled up her sleeve to reveal a kneebrace on her elbow. It had been place there incorrectly by the drunken Dr. Julia McGillicuddy, otherwise known as Fred McSplott, MBE, B.Sc. RTFM, LIVR, LIVVR, LICR, Jr. In an earlier encounter, he had only just realised his full potential as a garden trimmer and port drinker. Nevertheless, it was as the day drew to a close that Robert exchanged Pi positive mesons with a passing anti-Omega negative particle, as it became too silly, and then, with a sudden and pathetic attempt at ending, stopped.