The Friendly People Killed A Pantechnicon

Anthony, Brendan, Callum, David, Derrick, Warren

7th May, 1989

Screaming, Robert clutched at his side; with his overdeveloped muscles and thighs, childbirth was difficult for him. In the dirty back of a pantechnicon hidden from the law, Patrick lay dead due to the large heavy weight which had smashed his left toe to a bloody pulp and caused him to lose his balance and fall off the rather high precipice he was standing on at the time.

Tomorrow never comes. This made it rather hard for John to go on living since he couldn't stand the uncertainty. Grasping another petal, he climbed further up the stalk. But he got bored and jumped off, freeing his paltry body from the grip of gravity, the electromagnetic and weak nuclear forces. Only the strong nuclear force remained, and caused a massive nuclear explosion in the fridge. Thus meaning all food in the fridge was elsewhere at the time??

The pantechnicons body was sitting rustily on top of Robert's head. This was indeed a crushing blow to Robert as just moments before he was strolling peacefully through a field of elderberries with his wife Prunella. ``I didn't know you were my wife,'' he said. She was surprised too. ``I must have been drunk at the wedding. I thought I married a hedgehog called Dennis.'' They decided to make the most of it anyway and stole a passing pantechnicon, and rode off into the sunset, because they had heard this was a very romantic thing to do.

As a small aside, Sally suddenly and inexplicably died. Back to the story. Weeping , Sally awoke from her dream and found that she was dead. Needless to say, Ozalp was bought for Cheryl, Anja's baby, who enjoyed playing with the dog and climbing elderberry trees in Autumn.

Dennis, however, like any spurned lover, became a spiky problem amongst most of the worlds leading hedgehog pantechnicon-based fuels. Hydrogen plus Oxygen also causes rapid breakdown of flesh when ignited near the latter. This Robert was now discovering. Later, he had earlier met several others who could testify otherwise.