Cross-eyed Monitoring Earthquakes Unequivocally

4th September, 1989

Bob, the unequivocal earthquake, grumbled at his latest aftershock, which was a bit of a disappointment. The only house destroyed was Patrick's. They were gaining an understanding of the probability of an earthquake occurring in Patrick's vicinity, which is, of course, extremely high due to the necessity of his death at some stage or other.

But at the last moment he decided to stay alive. Happy at this decision, he was alarmed to see the ground receding rapidly in the direction of away. By a strange direction other than coincidentally, all remaining sentence structure was abandoned.

Shredding his hand to ribbons in the air-conditioner, he had to install a new pair of tendrils from K-mart, on special for special loonies dumb enough to buy them. Only as renewed fish could be used to successfully combat the overgrowth of several billion bacterium armpit hairs.

Synthia knew that they would have to be removed so she grabbed a large razor and sliced the toddler's arm off in one inch pieces. By the light of a passing earthquake, the end fell off, leaving Aethelfrith uncertain as to whether she could unequivocally recommend the Turkish delight to the table next to her in the next cubical, but she didn't.

A huge earthquake suddenly struck them all down as if it had been a bolt of lightning. This was because it was shining brightly by the light of a passing yak. Meanwhile, at the South Pole, Noah was floating by in a passing glue discharge from the local volcanic vent above Patrick's head. It is, of course, no secret that Robert has a rather large attachment for his vacuum cleaner which he used for cleaning the folds of skin in Prunella's tendrils.

By the side of the ditch outside the house, he saw an empty vodka bottle, unbroken by the Richter nine earthquake which had killed all the characters and effectively ended the story.