Several Became Unhinged Knee-braces

Anthony, Callum, David, Warren

30th August, 1989

It all began as Susan waited for Morris to finish skinning the canetoad. Soon, however, it became clear that the job was too much for him, causing his death. Tripping over a protruding kneebrace, he became severely unhinged causing the severance of several severe sewerage sections, as they steadily succumbed to the onslaught of septicemia and steriods.

Synthia successfully slipped three Mickey Finns into the drinks. These had no effect as the prospective targets didn't drink them so they were attacked with soggy knee-braces soaked in vinegar and hydrofluoric acid. Anja, aging heroine of another story, passed by, in a time warp some fifty years later. Grasping at a passing parsec, the perspicacious person perambulated parenthetically up the path, ignoring the ignominous ideals of its erstwhile id.

Several luminous ornithopters from the Orient were seen transporting Saharan seals to the Gobi Desert. Chief pilot Susan Chief, resplendent in her oaken headdress with Oriental pygmy-feather brim, leapt to her feet and whispered, ``Oh, my goodness, the chips,'' which Robert took to mean ``Come back to my place and let's assume a leading role in the latest X-rated theodolite `North of Alice Springs!' ''

Quixotically, the juxtaposition of these gerunds made joining the orangutangs a job only achievable with much gaff tape. Several windmills in the district were found to have been damaged by horse's hooves and medieval weaponry. Much of this equipment was manufactured in the Cruft's (Krupp's ?) ancient art museum twenty years from now. It is a mere coincidence that Sir Mervyn Moncrieff U.R.A.N.U.S. Q.R.Z. had bought the same equipment only a moment before he hadn't. This conundrum puzzled many sages until it became clear that lemonthyme was far superior to sage when it came to flavouring soups and stews.

Morris commandeered a passing windmill for his own sordid purposes, and also died from AIDS a short time later. At the now crowded cemetery, Robert couldn't be bothered so he didn't . This didn't last for long as the large front door of the Cathedral fell off its hinges and then fell back on.

Finishing his lunch of fried cat and sauted toenails at McDougal's, Anja skated home on the Autobahn, destroying three cars and a lost windmill on the way. On a new page, lunacy continued unabated. Anja decided it was time to hang up her skates, and walked off the page, down the table leg and into the kitchen where she was cornered by a snarling slug. Baring her all, she became bare. By blind luck, the slug blushed and flew away bashfully into the elderberry patch nearby.

The toddler giggled with glee as he toyed with his doll, unaware of the ground rapidly coming up to hit him. The ground missed.

Susan quickly hid Anja's spare kneebrace. She didn't want Anja to notice the green patina of corrosion forming on his nose.

Prunella screamed in agony as the Stihl chainsaw carved her from tendril to toe. Bleeding, she bled. In a last ditch effort (the same ditch she had already fallen into) she reached for Anja's golden jewel-encrusted kneebrace and samurai sword. But it was missing - a one-armed bandit had fled, leaving only an Ethiopian nose flute to identify Janet as the culprit. However, Melinda was not aware of this connection, and, using her pocket-knife, converted the nose flute into a makeshift hinge for a kneebrace, which naturally exploded.

Somewhat disappointed at her untimely death, she shouted angrily at the nearest thing she could find. In her blind rage, she fell over many things, none of which caused her to fall over. In her blind rage, she fell over anyway, for no apparent reason. Then, suspecting something, nothing was found to be always present, as indicated by its continued absence. More seriously, a trivial lack of seriousness meant that Stuart laughed.

Unbeknown to Melinda, Churchill had won World War One. Fortunately this was incorrect, as he had lost it. Nevertheless, a bright orange saladacious ore-bearing gave way, as ore is not the best stuff to make heavy duty bearings from. Previously, the mine had produced three kneebraces, a pteradactyl bone, and three cheese and chutney sandwiches, all perfectly preserved in Cognac and Lace, two well known detectives from Latvia and three unhinged kneebraces in the key of stop.