Memories Of Arboreal Memories

Memories Of Arboreal Memories

Callum, David, Warren

19th August, 1989

In the jungle, the petrochemical sludge flowed slowly down the river towards Anja's navel. It wound around, spinning quicker and quicker until it stopped quickly. Furthermore, several flying mice gathered twigs and leaves from the tar and built their nests in the hollow eye sockets of the Statue of Liberty. As the lasagne browned, the lid of the nearby electric anvil became a decoration on the top of Rachael's hat.

At the cemetery, the party continued with lashings of lasagne and other cheesy effects. Slowly, Synthia's sultry body slipped between the silk sheets. Stuart laughed at the alliteration. Soon Ozalp had finished digging up Patrick's grave, and was chewing on the bones. The resulting cheese caused too much mucus to be produced and a large throbbing headache ensued.

Tempestuously, Patrick pursed his petulant lips and pursued a coffin merchant. By selling all the coffins he had inhabited, however briefly, he found he soon had not as many coffins as before. Several cheese biscuits later, Synthia was caught by a passing vector, which caused her to fall into n-space with a dull thud as the author fell over in astonishment. As they descended into the gloom, the official writing paper became heavily cheese encrusted and was left alone in the desert.

Robert was booked for doing 100 MIPS in a SCSI zone, but paid bail and escaped to a previously unheard of South American paper tape drive with no extradition treaty or even a device driver.

Synthia was instantly struck down by a frenzied low flying pizza. Luckily, she ate a 5-string bass for lunch. Flying through the air, she realised her pizzas had used too much paprika and rice. The strings were vibrating, making an eerie low pitched hum. Synthia and Robert set up an extraction plant on the polluted jungle river and started marketing vinyl coffins which were cheap, easy to manage, and tasted strangely like cheese.

Robert lay dying in the piazza, soaking up the sun and watching the beautiful girls go slowly insane. Who could blame them?

Once more Ozalp set out on an epic search for plot but was alarmed to find some. Howling desperately, and inexplicably, he leapt from the top floor of the Kraft factory and fell into the vat of limberger. No-one ever talked to him after that.

Endless use of NaOH and Nilverm caused Sylvia to be free of worms, but full of cancerous growths. The unfortunate worms had emigrated to a small ash-covered hamlet called `Coon'. This name was appropriate because the number of associated envelopes could not precipitate as their leader had suffered a bout of thermal overload causing the thermistor based protection circuit to mist over and melt Anja's third kneebrace into a cheese-like consistency. Keeping her head, she grasped the button on the two metre rig and called for help. Ozalp heard the distress call; arboreally, he chewed up the note and went back to sleep. Patrick died.

The hedgehog spines in Ozalps tail weren't really there. This sentence was also short. This next one attempted to be very.

A vicious attack of amnesia set in, and Synthia couldn't remember why she was standing up, so she fell over. Mutely, she stared at the nameplate marked `Synthia' on the floor and wondered if it was her name. She decided to be called `Geronimo' instead and jumped of the same fateful ledge from which Ozalp had fallen into the other vat of limberger. Ozalp was fortunate to be, even with the layer of shoe protecting his nose.

The night was dark and stormy as the fridge-like device , which had been specially designed to keep cheese cool and moist, stopped.

All these memories are irrelevant as suddenly Synthia woke up in a sweat and cried ``OOOH, I've just had an awful nightmare''!