Beside the Hilldicky Creek

Anthony, Brendan, Derrick, Callum, David, Warren

4th March, 1989

The azure sea was shining on Eustace as she doused her legs with a mixture of paraffin and cheese. Next she opened her handbag and took out four boxes of matches. She usually took at least seven hours to have a bath, except on Sundays when Fred made love with his shoes on, and spent the rest of the day in bed. As a result, several quantities of rice pudding were left in a side alley.

Anja, the domestic pilot, sighed as she left the car. In the distance she could see a rather large man with a rather large electric creek cleaning implement which had been hastily modified to work as an elderberry picker. Also employed as an elderberry picker was Dennis the Hilldicky warthog. Unfortunately he died, and was buried upside down under a waterfall to keep him cold.

It wasn't long, however, before a large volcanic eruption caught Eustace by surprise. Her tendrils quivered as she noticed a passing tardis. Quickly she grasped at the nearest thing sticking out, this being the police box telephone handset. However it broke off, turning off the tardis dematerialisation circuit and killing everyone on board instantly.

An ancient warthog bone appeared mysteriously, and after years of workmanship they left Armidale for a more pleasant climate, but were dismayed to find that the edge of Hilldicky creek had been turned into one large farm. Sadly, they all turned away and went back to their humdrum lives in the city.