Heated Funicular Holograms Abroard

Anthony, Callum, David, Warren

14th May, 1989

Slowly Patrick's body decayed into omega particles, which increased the readings in Dr. Pons' neutron activated holographic display. Anja was treating five cases of radiation so that the catches on them wouldn't melt. Anja (known as `Annie' to her friends) sawed her metal kneebrace off to aid her lover Dennis with mustard hot dogs. As Sir Mervyn Moncrieff addressed the prosthetic limb society, a huge meteor came crashing down upon him causing three blind mice, two turtle doves and a small but intense tongue of flame searing off most of the flesh and making the skin roll up and fall off.

In Sweden, Anja replace Agnetha as up front singer for the rock group `Small Dead Fish'. This name was not notably successful, as Robert had never even used the kettle. Isaac Newton's pet diode was reverse biased. Was that Wesborough Tasmania, Wesborough Massachusetts, or Wesborough between Prunella's legs just after noon? Dennis couldn't really remember and could only sit and smile. These days he usually ate slowly.

Robert was trapped in a quickly solidifying room of Tarzan's grip and tomato sauce. Anja, who was not in top form today, thought it was blood and sucked it up with a straw. ``Hmm'', she sighed in contentment, ``I'd like another of the small round things with extendable attachments''. Patrick was tired of being dead and not being alive.

Astoundingly, the diode rushed in to save Robert's life. It underwent reverse-bias breakdown, causing the holographic display to dim and flicker in and out like a snake's tongue. Becoming ever more excited, Alfred Snake tripped over the body of a character from another story. Upon closer inspection it was covered in a multi-coloured DNA helix with ovoid cogs, Spanish toenails, and vibrant vibrations, probably caused by the ovoid cogs grinding each other.

This would not get Robert out of the glue-filled spittoon that was barely large enough for two people let alone a whole football team. ``That's enough!'' cried Anja, whose tastes ran more to sharp-edged knives and schizophrenia, but she hopefully would last the distance. An Aardvark walked past. Filaments of iridium and brass toothbrushes became entwined around her teeth and threatened her very existence.

Ozalp barked at a passing car which ran over him and exploded, killing the driver, Robert, and his new fiancee, whose name was never determined, as she died as well. In the next street, cars drove past, and a blind leper, who had mistaken a Holden Commodore for a fried chicken named Sarah who really wasn't all that greasy in spite of her tendency to use vaseline on anything that moved.

Anja spent a long and lonely evening in her Laughing Place chewing on spaghetti and forgetting about the small potion of vermilion dye in the fish. Eventually all these will be removed from the innermost parts of Anja's body parts. Sick and tired of this, Anja threw herself off the hole and onto the world above the hole. This was easy as a small gravity wave passed by, sucking the entire party into the parkland above. Unfortunately, a two cent coin became lodged in the motor and all that actually came of this was that Patrick had to walk, leaving small but smelly dolphin droppings in the Sargasso Sea.

Slowly the Pacific Ocean dried up, leaving the iridium and brass encrusted teeth high and dry. Suddenly the previous five minutes of history disappeared up a rapidly spinning temporal vortex which then promptly forgot what it had to do. In the future, nothing much had happened yet. Anja, who had not yet left Sweden, was called to sing at a final concert before she was mysteriously misplaced in another story. With Anja gone, Robert had nothing left to die for so he didn't, in protest over the removal of tax from his spoon.

Suddenly, a white rabbit ate all the remaining palladium wire and deuterated lithium hydroxide. Thus the only remaining solution was for Prunella to take Dennis in her arms and make pureed hedgehog, which would go well with the sauted corpse. Twenty years later, the universe came back on, as Patrick's box had a time-reset on it.