Riding School Contraceptives Entangled Filberts

Anthony, David, DJ, Paul

23rd January, 1990

A ghostly horseman rode through the courtyard, followed by an eyeless dog. A flurry of snow swirled throughout the net and the lineman found it hard to make the call of a swallow. Unfortunately, Lisa could not pick up whether it was an African headhunter on holiday in Burma, or a New Zealand bank manager munching on his clients during a monkist warfare training mission in the Alps.

Three mercenary yaks staged a sneak attack on the used freon factory established by the late honourable Mr. Ed. who was feeling a little horse. Unfortunatly, she objected and kicked him firmly between the toes. Screaming in pain, he took hold of the nearest object, held it aloft, and amid the noise and haste ate one mushroom.

Patrick bought a horse and pratised show-jumping until his head fell off. Ozalp the dog barked loudly and chased a llama. He bled from the neck until his horse died. From this point, mushrooms have never been the same.

Whilst closing the Edgell's factory, Mr Heinz put the meat in Sarah's mouth. She giggled with glee as she grabbed his American Express card with delight and laughed all the way to K-mart to buy a plastic samurai sword.

Janet and Aethelfrith preferred the real thing and kept a large plastic wiggly bit to kill rabbits and ducks but why is it all so shaped?

Anja was just shooting the last of the passengers when the phone rang. ``You have never committed ritual suicide in your lives you dogs of terrorists. Have you no idea how to kill a foriegn diplomat when you get the chance?''. Anja then lifted the printer's tractor feed high above her head, its mechanism still running and brought it crashing down on a steaming bowl of christmas pudding. Patrick ate this and quietly died which distressed all those who had purchased shares in the glue factory just the day before her father's funeral.

At the wild party afterward, there were many strangely garbed people who enjoyed doing amazing stretching tricks with various parts of their anatomies.

Filbert thought this was too silly, so he took out his spell book and incanted a spell to summon Patrick from the dead. Unfortunately Patrick was out to lunch so he had to settle for a garbage bag, but riding was easier when a net was lowered.