Some Grey Phantasmal Prepubescent Word Perturbations

Anthony, Callum, David, Jenny, Leisa, Warren

13th April, 1990

The phantasmal forces were roiling in the clouds above Alex's head whilst the blood ran freely from his veins. His surprise at Anja's sudden death play-off victory in the Ougadougou Open Slug-Squashing tournament by eating his only kneebrace and paraglider. Suddenly, it didn't, and henceforth hung horribly, hideously and, limply, dropped into an urn filled with dry blood with green bits floating in it, which was bubbling over - the slime belching over the edges.

Hungrily, Alex gulped the soup down, crunching the bones between his teeth in glee. Anja's kneebrace floated down the river towards the waterfall. Meanwhile, in south-west Gondwanaland, Eustace and herself both began to singly unite in a dichotomous and harmonious cup of tea which became increasingly rugged until Alex's arm flew off, spurting green slime wildly over the blue wall - definitely unaesthetic! Alex screamed in joy as the sap ran freely from the tree's limbs. He removed the glittering kneebrace from the gushing wound and replaced it with a twilight coloured tourniquet under three red spotted bandannas with attachments for easy file duplication and shift-register resets.

On a tangent, the arc was floating serenely on the four-dimensional hyperspace, killing klingons with a large metal fork with a bent spoon and silver tooth cleaner. The iridium encrusted false teeth had eaten into the underlying space-time continuum of the false meta-waffle on Quandolinium V. The blood from the dripping wine bottle slowly congealed into sump oil which was a breakthrough in bucket chemistry. A number of scientists had gathered up their arms and hung them all together in a pile over the back fence. The neighbours screamed in horror - the perturbation was horrific. The grey phantasmal forces were appeased at last and fled the earthly sphere.