The Island of Lost Elderberries

Anthony, Brendan, Derrick, Callum, David, Warren

4th March, 1989

Early in the history of the last eon, when the green cookie monsters reigned supreme, a yak wanted to rule the world. ``If only I can corner the shoe polish market, people would be forced to make do with small lifeless outlets, which can only be bought at K-Mart''.

``Golly'', said Prunella, thrusting a pumpkin seed up her son's nose in order to stop it from smelling the suspicious odour wafting in from the kitchen, where the elderberries were fermenting in all their grandeur. Dennis the warthog quite liked elderberry wine, taking the cork out and eating it. Unfortunately for him, it became lodged in his oesophagus and caused him to explode. Luckily though, the extremely competent swedish nurse Anja was able to resuscitate him, bringing him back to life.

Unfortunately a low flying brick (hurled from a passing Concorde) flattened him, leaving the competent swedish nurse in a quandary. Should she try to save him, or was he so badly squashed that only elderberry juke boxes had any chance? Preferably using warthog bones to prop up the vines as they also make good fertiliser for pine trees, which make lovely natural looking tables and chairs.

Baldric bookcases should have their bits twiddled before cheese rot sets in their hull, and their power supply needs to be replaced with super splon reversal overhead underhangs with triple vector thrusters. However, none of these have been seen in recent years, and today many believe that the elderberries were merely a legend, but Dennis and Baldric will always remember the truth.