The Authors

The Authors

Anthony Wesley (Or was that Anthony Berger?)

Born 1965 in a hospital which is still standing today! Set an early precedent by dismantling household appliances when old enough to hold a screwdriver. Became hooked on electronics, computers, astronomy, goons, M.Python, more computers, indian curry, laziness through school. Went to Uni 1985 & discovered college food & lecturers. Survived both. Has been seen late at night lurking about on hilltops with intent. Has at various times owned a beard & motorbike. Currently undercover as a businessman/programmer in partnership with three other loonies. Aspires to witness the 2138 Halley's Comet.

Bryan Burgess

Born Glen Innes N.S.W., 1966, in the hospital his father now runs. Tried several time to die from pneumonia but survived. An average student at school. Went on to Uni to become an average BSc. Now works for The Southport School, an Anglican private school, on the Gold Coast - the perfect setting for an atheist who hates the beach. Now spends his time playing with Xenix computers for living to fund his hobbies of Music, Astronomy, Car racing, electronics, computers, food and drink. Believes in only one God - Peter Sellers - and aspires to retire to a life of sloathism.

Callum Gibson

Born in Sydney 1966, and the hospital had an uncertain future but is possibly still standing, although no longer a hospital. Original home in Sydney (Enfield) has, however, been demolished. Moved around a lot in early years but spent last 8 years of schooling in Bellingen before going to U.N.E to study computing. In 1988, did honours in computing after finally bribing/cajoling/threatening the appropriate people enough so that they'd offer it. Generally became loonier as the result of meeting other story authors, although the art of story writing was, at this time, unheard of. Has now spent nearly 2 years working in Sydney and still hasn't caught lung cancer. Aspires to convert the world and to one day have an Internet connection.

David John Blackman

Born. Went to School. Attended U.N.E. for about 8 years on and off. Studied maths, physics, denotational semantics, cache memory, data compression, the alpha-beta algorithm, curry, schizoprenic story writing, observing satellites that weren't there because someone stuffed up the time zones, satellites that actually were there, snow, tutoring students, and not actually completing a M.Sc. Currently a partner in a small business, attempting to learn chess, and tyingto masterakeyboardwith astuffedspacebar.

Douglas Ray

Born Melbourne, 1960, and the hospital still stands. Studied music at La Trobe, while putting theory into practice with mixed results. In 1st yr formal logic, debugged pl0, and then made conscious effort to avoid computers to leave space for other activities. Having finished BA, decided to find a way of making $ and went back to La Trobe for post-grad. dip. comp. sci., was employed there for a year as research assistant and then moved to present position in Melbourne Uni computing services (networks). Once used to cook sushi, but haven't adapted to full time work, and probably never will. Trying to find a jumper in the pastels that were fashionable 4 years ago.

Jeremy Gilbert

Born in Webster, Massachusetts, USA in 1967 after which the hospital was suddenly swamped by short chubby doctors named Padmasuvi. Grew up in Thompson, Connecticut, a town so small it doesn't often get printed on road maps. As a boy enjoyed astronomy, biology, writing, electronics, music and computers. Latched onto computers, wandered through high school, was amazing at college and finally wandered into a job. Moved from Thompson to Billerica, Mass. in 1989 but still goes back home on the weekends. Having had more than a fair share of unusual ``coincidences'' happen, is now looking for nothing less than the meaning of life. Aspires to effect positive change.

Leisa Condie

Born Sydney, 1966, and the hospital was then closed. A city girl who actually liked school! At various stages dreamed of being a meteorologist, astronomer (and started writing a book about it in Year 8), pilot, anything to do with horses, mass spectrometer analyst, and electronics engineer. Went to Sydney Uni to pursue the latter, but got hooked on computers. Unfortunately there was no computer engineering course, got sidetracked by a fast-talking supervisor into an Hons year, then a PhD down in Canberra. Moved out of home at 20, and got lots of experience in life, love, work and card playing. Can cook Chinese food, and knows (but rarely admits to) most domestic skills (but {\it can't sew}). Aspires to be a paragliding instructor and nomad.

Warren Toomey

Born Sydney, 1966, after which the hospital was demolished. Spent youth running around walls in Sydney, then moved to Tamworth in 1978 to become a country lad. Basic egghead at High School. Went to Uni of New England to become a physicist, slacked off & became a hacker instead. Bred several worms, trojan horses, spoofs & viruses whilst subsisting at college. Moved out of college during Honours and learnt how to cook, wash up, drive a car, write C, play cards, stay up late, tutor 1st years and somehow scrape a IIa degree. Spent 1989 as Maths sysadmin, Economics tutor, Computer Centre helper, and destitute. Found job in ADFA as report writer, news reader and erstwhile programmer, and amazingly still has the job at present.