Drunkenly, He Mangled The Attenuated Persimmon

Anthony, Brendan, Callum, David, Derrick, Warren

11th June, 1989

``AAGH!'' Patrick screamed in agony as the rotary hoe ran over his hamster. Meanwhile Dennis the warthog had decided to continue his intimate affair with Prunella which caused Robert to invest in hedgehog killing chemicals in an effort to assist in the alteration of Robert's sporran and double alcohol-reeking vomitous pile of socks.

Anja was currently welding her kneebrace to a rather large ant nostril while massaging Dennis till he became a raw bloody pulp. But by that time her hands were a bit of a mess too ugly to bear, so instead she bore a large bunch of pernicious boars. ``Pock!'' she screamed in agony, spilling the vodka over Patrick's corpse (of his hamster).

In a subterranean vent of lava, Robert was eating scones whilst picking the flies off his scabs. Many large kitchen tiles came crawling along the wings of the space shuttle, but Anja didn't think they would be good enough for her curry. Fortunately her pock-marked pock survived her by several million years.

The yak farted loudly before totally evacuating and turning inside out in an instant.

Before, he had later seen Prunella earlier chewing on a large brick causing Dennis' house to fall down. As Patrick was dead, Dennis went to live at Patrick's house but Patrick's ghost cut Dennis up into large parts, blending them and feeding the bloody soup to his pet. Ozalp turned into a vampire and left Robert for Patrick. Patrick's sharp teeth went blunt.

Anyway, when a dog called Freddy (a close friend and tree-piddling partner of Ozalp) decided to spontaneously combust and play `How much is that doggy in the window' by adjusting resonances in the chimney, suddenly, parasitic oscillation set in, resulting in a discharge through the lecher thingamybob. The mob then rejoiced, yelling ``Jehova!'' at the top of the hill they were on at the time.

Seizing a large pregnant mouse, Ozalp threw it into the back of the ute before resolving a two cent coin at five hundred miles.

Slowly, Letitia's hand was being ground down by the orbital sander; bits of blood and bone sprayed all over Robert's raincoat. Grimly he wiped it clean with Patrick's socks. In a street nearby, Patrick was bleeding to death. Soon he was beyond help, leaving Anja with a clear conscience as she ran off with the back-up tapes.

Meanwhile the woodwork plane was down to Letitia's thigh bone. Her pain wracked body slowly collapsed in a bloody heap. Patrick dragged Robert's body back to that fateful elderberry covered swamp and left it there.