The Samurai Sword

The samurai sword is probably the most sacred object in the stories, although where it came from is unknown. It first appeared above a mantlepiece in `Think Breezily, It's of Jap-Digested Heritage'; however, some believe that the sword was first revealed in `The Knat Who Never Was' when the sodden Prunella says ``What is this shining implement I see before my head?''.

Many of the main characters have used the sword, and it seems to have changed ownership several times. Sally attacks Ozalp with the sword in `Above, Around Tempestuous Bits' after stealing it from The Large Smelly One. She then goes on to attack him again when he is wearing a crystal radio around his neck.

Robert somehow obtains the swords and attacks an ornithopter, injuring himself severly, and the artifact is confiscated by the Japanese Heritage Commission. Patrick is then murdered by the sword, which suggests that Robert has stolen it back from the Commission.

We then discover that the sword is owned by Anja (`Several Became Unhinged Kneebraces') and Patrick (`Miss Fred Wisely Had Mountainous Apperturnances'); perhaps it was a wedding present? The two apparently rarely use the samurai sword. Instead it is used by Prunella to attack Miss Fred, who then attacks a grandfather clock with it. Stephanie injures herself with the sword, and Ozalp even shoots people with it!