Prunella Jumped, Melifluously Scarred

4th September, 1989

Enid watched melifluously as the ship rolled heavily in the giant waves offshore. The storm had been raging and now had a rather large hangover. ``Serve itself right!'' said the newscaster on channel ten, who then, remembering that he had been fired last week, jumped up on the desk, dropped his trousers, and cried out, ``Which bank?''. The other tellers were so amazed at his spectacles that they handed over all the cash and lay face down on the floor.

A passing pantechnicon ran over a pedestrian. Largely under the influence of alcohol, the toddler tripped over Patrick's protruding kneebrace.

Unknowingly, the sword, strapped to Helga's sword, descended rapidly to the bottom due to its large negative buoyancy factor. ``Man the bilges and fire the lanyards,'' shouted Helga as she fell from the rigging into Patrick's decaying body which was now missing. Funnily enough, the lack of a body didn't deter him and he groped his way to the top of the sludge file which was itself in the shame file. From under his filing cabinet, Prunella peered anxiously at the tiny room, hoping to avoid discovery.

She didn't, and was consequently discovered with a rather large rubber device implanted between her and her arthritic appendage.

This severe case of rheumatism had been bothering Robert for several weeks now. The cause was a large scar infecting most of the high-jumping equipment known to be immune to the last plague of cholera that had swept the athletic community causing many melifluous scarry incidents. Some of these occurred as late as the fourteenth century.

It's so late that I'm tempted to write down the word that should only be used to describe objects thrown at hearses to describe instead the colour of a melifluous voice emerging from a yak's nostril after being attacked with a soggy weetbix by a gang of angry fieldmice that were rather perturbed at the fact that the world was just three minutes away from being destroyed!