Superbly Quiescent, The Night Obscenely Dances

Anthony, Brendan, David, Derrick, Ivan, Lyn

3rd September, 1989

Anja the maintenance engineer was worried. She had already been waiting for two hours after the bomb had exploded in the monastery leaving several large remnants of a most severe drought followed by a flash flood.

The pain was quite excruciating because of the piano resting firmly on his foot. The brick that had hit him between the eyes had shattered into hundreds of pieces which lay scattered at his feet. The blond across the room danced gracefully under a red sky in the pine forest as the city sank quietly beneath the quicksand which slowly eroded his Venezualan beaver socks which she had bought only the night before. In an instant he was barefoot and ran like an insane lecturer in obscure and outdated things.

By the light of a passing nuclear powered fridge , Robert burped loudly and threw the crayfish out the second story window. There was a knock at the door. Opening the door, he invited the knock in for vodka and potato chip crumbs.

Robert knew it was a trap so he pulled his rather large nuclear powered fridge into the curb and unpacked his rather small nuclear emission ray dart (N.E.R.D.) and proceeded to dismantle the whole lot to please Prunella who was a member of Greenpeace. However, she gave him a case of elderberry wine which she had squashed only the day before in her gas powered squashing machine.

She heard the start of Days of Our Lives so she rushed into the loungeroom only to find dancing had replaced the soapies, so there was no need to destroy the set.

After three bottles of wine he was finding it very hard to navigate, and, as such, is now probably the one of the most infamous oil tanker pilots in the world, who totally lacked night vision, causing a quiet oil spill in the night whilst dancing instead of piloting. Obscene!