Why? Why Don't They Walk?

Why? Why Don't They Walk?

by Several Deranged Authors

Edited/Htmlised by Warren Toomey


Prunella's Lustful Murderous Haiku Went Sailing in Terror!
It Was Oblate Ontologically Sounds
Often A. B. Trelise Would Wander Through Forests of Custard
The Marguerita Consuming Dog
A Post-Deconstructionist Trauma Sequence
Aethelfrith and Network Synergy Derive Pieces of Banana Peels' Contents
Oblique Brain Waves are Azimuth Intellect
Determined Shocking Jelly!
Bath Toilet's Gametes
Tired Scrotum Adds Another Dimension to Stars
Dead Secrets Allowed Frozen Horror
Blue Golliwogs and Serene Porpoises Gurgled
Gorgeous Boy Scout N-Space
Leopard-Spotted Leg Stalks African Guano Pizza
Mary Here Felt Gribald's Testicular Disestablishment Device
So! Even Dead Yellow Carborundum Lust Is Fine Against It
Red Overture, Dr Clouseau Peered Out the Rift into It
Disgusting, Lurid, Uncanny, Prosaic, Adjectival Retrostatements
At Haste Her Belief in Literacy was Extinguished
Do Montenegro Swiss Darkly Smoking Potties Rattle?
Strategic Gyrating Nubile Biddies
Rapidly Pulsating Eclectic Meta-Jonquils Disgorged Chunks
Don't Cry, The Concorde Coffee Cups Collapse Unilaterally Within
Nine had Disembodied Legs, Three Dangling Twice Obscenely
Decaf Brains Uncover Lost Guano Brew During Winter Solstice
Purple Mist Grew Yellow Fangs with Age Old
Disagreeable Warring Returned Slowly To Spain
Blindly Unhinged, Fred Swaggers While His Exotic Rockmelon Hacks

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