Blue Golliwogs and Serene Porpoises Gurgled

Blue Golliwogs and Serene Porpoises Gurgled

Cathy, Cyndi, Johnathon, Warren

5th March, 1994

Aethelfrith calmly awoke, despite the awkward pumpkin in bed with her. She arose and quietly took away the bedsheet over the nursery of her dreams and quietly masturbated, while angels surrounded her and watched, always careful to remain silent like a 3-toed sloth or a packet full of jelly crystals - so passive and unwatered that Anja laughed at the previous author, who was amazed to find herself in an epistemological quandary.

It cost $1.15 (bread), $0.18 (sachet), $3.58 (capers), $0.20 (bubble gum), I'll put it on my flexi-card. But it wasn't really his card, it really belonged to the Devil! This was obvious from the noxious fumes emanating from his bottom, causing the family to evict him. The snow fell about him, then ganged up and assaulted him. The onlookers ate Brie, but with such sexy teeth (what else but a pelne could eat so well).

Then he got a hammer and smashed out of the door. ``Egad!'' cried Satan, the new boy on the block. As the block descended, so too the laughter began and continued, commafully, until the concrete scientist arrived and killed the green hopper.