Gorgeous Boy Scout N-Space

Gorgeous Boy Scout N-Space

Cathy, Cyndi, Johnathon, Warren

5th March, 1994

Clarissa took a deep breath and lit a candle. It dripped on her, setting fire to her dress so she screamed and ran out into the reality of her own becoming. Her scream with mad raw passion caused the nerds to lodge in her lungs. ``Help me, help me, I'm an alien and I have lost my interstellar nuclear-driven fridge that came from another story''.

The story awoke and took another pill. Hercules awoke and Hercules slew. Then he put it in his stew?!? Who really knows? Who really cares? Jelly babies. Cream. Vegemite. Apple strudel. Stale aardvarks. The list was endless, as was the nightmare Mary was having. Dennis began to fondle his apple strudel. It had been too long away from Austria and he missed her so, so he picked up an axe and chopped everybodys' heads off.

Without much pleasure or pain either, a Christmas tree emerged from the bushes. It was cheerily trimmed, then viciously burned to a crisp as Prunella engaged her elderberry picker. In a nearby ditch she stewed her beans into history.