Tired Scrotum Adds Another Dimension to Stars

Tired Scrotum Adds Another Dimension to Stars

Cathy, Cyndi, Johnathon, Warren

5th March, 1994

He felt along his hairy thigh the singular delight of her clutching him passionately. But then she would alway change her mind. It was always so. Bertrand had read many books to try and understand why. The books said to Bertrand ``Read me or else I'll subliminally eat your albatross as luke-warm sandals''. Robert grinned inanely. Who the hell is Rupert? Did he iron my shirts? Did he wash my clothes? Did he mow the lawn? Faganalashates - take Rupert away.

But he didn't really want to. He really wanted to stay. Why that was, no-one knew. Warren said it was all in the title. Others were sceptical. A long time passed. ``All of a sudden'' the story exclaimed, and then the universe ended. Pirechans: you can also go across the sack or across the side, or chew it up and spew it out.

He then ate some muesli. The muesli was rotten, causing much projectile vomiting and then it didn't. So much so that Patrick for once survived by eating Ozalp, digesting him utterly in the bowels of Patrick the saint of gluttony. But she was really a pig. ``Grunt grunt'' the pig went before swallowing all characters in the immediate vicinity.