The Marguerita Consuming Dog

Brendan, David, Derrick, Warren

17th December, 1993

The dog held its left paw with its right hand. Then suddenly the master computer upon Ozalp's tiny eustachian tube glimmered. ``Warning, pedestrians'' it whispered. Ozalp's reply was not constructive, and only aided Prunella in understanding integral calculus of five dimensions. ``Woof'' is also, however, a term much used by weavers to announce that the coffee was readymix concrete grade and it was highly likely that a passing stationary squid was unlikely. Again and again Anja screamed, again and again, and, again, commafully, and in a boring and repetitive badger-infested kneebrace shop.

Ozalp though back to the glorious days when he hunted llamas with the great ``Fred'' Moncrieff in the swamps of Mexico where llamas were controlled by the supply and demand of Intel Pentium chips and thesaurus sales. It is possible that the large creature lurking at the foot of the volcano near the hamlet was dead. In fact the current author is sure of this, having disembowelled him personally. SPLAT, and as the doublyplusful usurper came towards her, Susan carefully hefted the samurai sword. Meanwhile, in far Gondwanaland, the dogs were eating the giant carcass of the rotting wombat who now lived in a previous life because of tax reasons.

Patrick was still suffering a severe bout of Crutzfeldt Jacobs disease because of his recent death as a salesman selling rotary mango pickers and revolutionary new ergonomic kneebraces. Aethelfrith ran into the story, violently quibbling with her recalcitrant earmuff and combination slug-scruncher. Ozalp was consuming vegetation at a frightening rate until he met the Greenpeace army hole puncher with a rather large spiggot which he cannot, and satisfied all and sundry.

Piaw, screech, exclamations whirled about! Zeeep! Freongblah, and similar expressions suggesting that these characters would not survive to see the previous author again. Indeed, the body count was quite high, and the mushroom cloud could be seen for miles from the hamlet where a dog could not see because he had no eyes and was pointed like a stick. Poor Ozalp. His atrocious burping, a result of the Mexican pizzas, caused Anja to begin to undress, hoping that someone would finish this rather lengthy ending to the story of the Marguerita consuming dog. No one did!