Often A. B. Trelise Would Wander Through Forests of Custard

Brendan, David, Derrick, Warren

17th December, 1993

In the summer of 2013 - 2015, it was a great deal better than in many neutered puppy dogs. Synthia arose, her cape catching in the moonlight, and was gone. Slowly and greenly, the birds flew towards that clearing in the forest. Something on that bare patch of ground led the wobat to run away and never to be seen with a wobat again! As a consequence of this tragic dyslexic spelling mistake, a stray `m' was dismcovered in an adjacent word.

Meanwhile in a small hamlet at the foot of a volcano, a large but small knat arrived, and again when the sun went down. ``Wheela'' she yodelled as the slugs formed a knot about her throat. Slugs, being animals of great cultural discernment, do not like country music. Yeehaargh! Splat. Custard and elderberries for tea, followed by coffee and doughnuts was Goodyear Steel Belt radials and free wheel balancing!

In another area of the hamlet at the foot of the volcano there lurked a large author who was shot. ``Egad!'' pained the abbot. ``He is fortunate that we don't take vows of silence here. More custard, and tell Anja to send in Ms. Trelise for a good time''. Meanwhile back at the forest, Henry the meta-turnpike was trying to stop Patrick's jugular from gushing forth large amounts of a thin watery and yet resinous substance often found near a small hamlet near the foot of a volcano in Easter Island, where the thorny pok-beests abound in sanguine plenitude.

Grabbing her grunge gun, Helga plunged through the undergrowth. Since her enemies were armed only with custard pies, the emergency lupins should not be needed. In winter the custard would become hardiplank house lining and thus made a good insulator, as it was sufficient to be totally insufficient. Repetitively, it happened again and a third time it did not, until the wandering finally ended just south of a deep and mysterious well, where witches would gather to see if the custard was able to restore the ink vitality in the pen he was using. It was a miracle that this had worked. Knowing this, he could now forget it.

Derrick got up to get a new pen, discarding the story and forgetting what the title was in the first place. The end. Really. And that's official.