At Haste Her Belief in Literacy was Extinguished

At Haste Her Belief in Literacy was Extinguished

Justin, Michael, Warren

3rd July, 1994

The fire within his heart was causing quite a problem for the CAT scanners as he had eaten too many chille felines for dinner. A raucous scream held its breath but since that perverted its existence, it collapsed under the weight of its own occupancy within the tenanted space of his huge bushy moustache, which was fitted with happy little bitty things with a label that priced it around 120 pounds, quite cheap considering its weight.

The tabby was pursued lately by nasty people who had a tabby fetish. Thankfully, a band of publically-minded cat psychotherapists were passing by and attempted a self-removal of their lobotomies, while their brains laughed by the sidelines caused by a blind dog's continued attempt to launder used Japanese yen in a bid to corner the market of rice paddies found in his backyard.

Presently, the Literacy Club's treasurer skipped town with the savings and bones account for the reason why we can initialise hat stands without too much ineptitude when all imitation life forms make George Negus look like a rampant fungal colony with a colonial sac of waste exudent dangling from its delicate brown, hairlike nmphae. `Hairlike' seemed to be an obsession with linguists called Meeir; this may be due to the very faith fact of their own non-existence.

The dawn began again, aware of its pathetic performance the day before. On a day with such an inferiority complex, it was hardly surprising that no characters had been encountered recently, so night quickly closed in so it could think of a few while the day dreamed on.

Lost in its own little world, the coffee table was rudely awoken as some drink was spilled there. The waitress mopped him up and walked into the pantry with enough gelignite to cause the vienna coffee to really froth this time. This was fortunate as the vienna coffee had been engulfed in a huge earthquake, taking with it of course the ienna so now there is only the much less wanted v coffee which was used to bomb Britain.

General de Guile set about confusing his allies and alluded to his wife Paula who could be see in a state of dishabille between six and nine of a Sunday evening. Fortunately, it was only Sunday morning and she was just passable for public appearances. With this in mind, it was removed so as to make space for a lobotomy that did not have a hope assured to it.

This did not bother Sir Mervyn Moncrieff, K.G.B, C.D.ROM, B.G.I, D.L.L, he was too busy finding out. This hid his enormous flared jeans from the fashion police for a while, but they are a determined lot. Besides, the paisley tie was a dead giveaway. With this in mind, please remove, we haven't found a home for the lobotomy, and it is getting particular attention that caught Renoir's eye on the velcro.

After 10 hours in surgery the eye was removed, but Renoir couldn't help wondering how he could be affected so much by a device that hadn't yet been invented. He did not understand the great principle of hyper-didatic unrealistic quantum strings, which allowed violins to make people puke when shopping at Woolies. The heaving sigh of relief heaved and sighed as the end was nigh, and belief had been suspended in its entirety, so the fire was put out.