Bath Toilet's Gametes

Bath Toilet's Gametes

Cathy, Johnathon, Warren

4th March, 1994

The thorns do prick my feet. They bleed softly on the ivory shag-pile carpet. Dennis found it hard to remove the stains - ``Elderberry sauce was much too similar to things'', she cried. ``Oh, at last. You will never see me wash your dishes again!''. She stormed off in her nuclear-powered fridge, only to be arrested by Melinda in her hamster-powered sylvester.

She answered the 'phone and took daily notes of her own imperfections. When Rupert called she would always say (falsely) he didn't want anyone to call him back. Unplugging the answering machine, Rupert was electrocuted by the large current flowing through his body, and then pulled its electric plug and slew the innocent, unlikely slug.

Millicent resumed her knitting, but it was to no avail as Ozalp had run out of fur - the chemotherapy had affected him greatly. Anja sighed and injected her viral sycophants; it removed the need to remove her pants. ``harassment!!'' she screamed and kicked him orthogonally with a Shakespearean quote: ``Fuck thee in hell, thy sinecure''.

``Avant thee, thou cream-faced loon! Get out and close the door or I'll freeze to death''. As the bath-water gurgled out, Dennis ran in and took a salmon to a serious behind. But the carp was another story. As it attacked the current, story; too. many. Typographical (signs appeared and) & . (moLc). A.A.L.C. sphy.-1eLw.(& ). left it - etc.