Ctcompare 3.2 - Code Token Comparator

The purpose of this set of programs is to allow you to compare several sets of C, Java, Python or Perl code trees on a token basis, rather than on a line by line basis. The programs help to identify similarities between snippets of code in both trees, even if the actual lines are dissimilar.

Downloads & Documentation

Here is:

Sample CTF Files

Here are some sample CTF files of various operating system releases.

SourceYearCTF FileSource Code
Unix Nsys kernel1973 nsys.ctf Available here
AUSAM kernel1979 Ausam.ctf Available here
Unix Version 71979 V7.ctf Available here
System V R1 (vax)1983 vaxSysVR1.ctf.gz Not available
System V R2 (vax)1984 vaxSysVR2.ctf.gz Not available
Minix 1.21988 minix1.2.ctf Available here
BSD Net/2 release1991 net2.ctf.gz Available here
4.4BSD-Alpha1992 4.4BSD-Alpha.ctf.gz Available here
Linux 0.96c1992 linux-0.96c.ctf Available here

Previous Versions

Warren Toomey wkt@tuhs.org, December 2011.