Warren Toomey

Warren Toomey

I was born in Sydney, Australia. I got my Honours in Comp Sci in the '80s from U.N.E in Armidale, New South Wales. I moved down to Canberra in 1987 to work in a Distributed Operating Systems research group. Having completed my Ph.D in Internet network congestion, I lectured at ADFA from 1992 to 2001 teaching Operating Systems, undergraduate and postgraduate Data Networks, Systems Administration and half of the first-year Computer Science and Information Systems courses.

In 2001 I moved up to the Gold Coast in Queensland, where I lectured at Bond Uni. My main subjects were Introduction to Programming, Data Networks and Network Security, Advanced Programming and Operating Systems.

In 2013 Bond, in their infinite wisdom, closed the IT School. After a year of turmoil I got a job with TAFE Queensland, where I taught the Diploma of IT Networking and the Cybersecurity Cert IV.

In 2021 I retired from teaching, and I now live on a five acre property and help my wife Kaz with her dressage riding passion.

My computer related interests are operating systems and networks, the history and preservation of Unix. I have passed the OzTiVo baton on to other people and I've pottered around on other smaller projects.

Other interests are horses, movies, SF and science history books, music by Mike Oldfield and the Alan Parsons Project.

I played bass in a blues band until my Uni grades started plummeting. I can still bang out a song or two on my guitar as well.

Warren Toomey wkt @ tuhs.org, February 2023