Wktivoguide - Generate Guide Data Slices File for TiVo

Wktivoguide is a set of Perl scripts that can retrieve TV guide data from web sources and convert it into the slice format used by the TiVo. Limitations:
  1. The license on the software only allows it to be used in those parts of the world which cannot obtain a program subscription service from TiVo, Inc.
  2. The license on the software only allows the program to be used for non-commercial purposes. You cannot sell this program, nor can you use this program to sell a service.

If you are still interested, then here you will find:

For legal reasons, I have had to remove all code that can fetch data from hww.com websites, including Yahoo, Austar and Foxtel websites.

Warren Toomey wkt@tuhs.org, June 2004.