Playitsam: Edit & Export TiVo TyStreams

Version 2.00, January 2003. (c) Warren Toomey, GPL license.

This program allows you to edit a recording made on a 2.5.x or 3.0 Standalone TiVo, and to export the edited stream as separate MPEG audio and video files.

Caveats and Limitations

  1. You need a separate Linux/FreeBSD box with X11 installed to use Playitsam. It does not currently run on Windoze.
  2. Playitsam version 2 is an editor only; it cannot play back TiVo streams in any decent fashion. It will only export edited TiVo streams as separate MPEG audio and video files.
  3. Version 2.00 is a proof of concept version. The user interface is appalling, and there are sure to be bugs. This is not a production version, and there is little chance it will ever become a production version.

Downloading Playitsam

Warren Toomey, January 2003.