Playitsam version 1: Play, Edit & Export TiVo TyStreams

Version 1.83, September 2002. (c) Warren Toomey, GPL license.

Download version 1.83, and read the full README for version 1.83.
Download the tyserver.exe for Windows, thanks to Grant Stockley.
Download the vsplit.exe for Windows.
Here are copies of old versions of Playitsam.
See details of the problems of editing tystreams.

This program allows you to edit a recording made on a 1.3 or 2.5.1 Standalone TiVo, and to export the edited stream to an external storage. From there you can either play back the recording on the TiVo, or split the recording into MPEG audio and video streams.


Differences from Earlier Versions

The main differences from Playitsam v1.74 and this version are:


Playitsam is based on the vplay program written by Andrew Tridgell; in fact, I have converted his MFS routines into a library. Because of this, Playitsam is released under the GPL license. The on-screen display routines come from tivovbi by Embeem. David Gerdes provided lots of useful feedback, and the code to link libmpeg2dec into Playitsam.

The program was inspired by an executable-only program called Playback which was released by `the Doctor' in the Dealdatabase TiVo Hacks Forum. I wanted an open-source version, so I wrote Playitsam.

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