Warren's Ph.D Thesis

Welcome to the on-line version of my Ph.D thesis. Here is the title and abstract of the thesis:
A Rate-Based Congestion Control for Connectionless Packet-Switched Networks

The control of congestion in connectionless packet-switched wide-area networks is a major problem, especially in such networks as the Internet, which is experiencing an exponential growth in users and network traffic. This thesis outlines a rate-based framework for congestion control in these networks, examines the requirements of the framework, and describes a number of control mechanisms which meet the framework's requirements.

The effectiveness of the framework in combatting congestion is demonstrated by a series of simulation experiments, which also compare the framework against traditional end-to-end congestion control mechanisms. Experimental results indicate that rate-based congestion control provides excellent congestion control. Moreover, a rate-based framework achieves much better congestion control in these networks than traditional control mechanisms.

PDF and HTML Versions

Here is the thesis in PDF format.

Here is the thesis in HTML format. This was translated from LaTeX using latex2html. There are a few irregularities with the translation.


The software used in this thesis is available at ftp://minnie.tuhs.org/PhD/. There, you will find the following:
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