[Unix-jun72] if you're looking for a different way to volunteer...

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Sun May 11 14:55:06 EDT 2008

> For starters, who was this "T. R. Bashkow" who called the
> meeting? Some googling last week indicates to me that he has
> an engineering award named after him, and that he does
> not have a wikipedia entry.

I did a little googling earlier this weekend and I couldn't find
much.  T.R. Bashkow is "Theodore", he was at Columbia (emeritus
there).  For J. DeFelice I could find nothing.  There are lots of
hits for DeFelice in general, and a few academic papers in biology
for a J. DeFelice but I couldn't find much computer science or
bell labs related.

Tim Newsham

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