[Unix-jun72] OCR of PreliminaryUnixImplementationDocument_Jun72.pdf

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Fri May 2 13:52:10 EDT 2008

"James A. Markevitch" wrote:
>I'm sending Brad a copy of a different OCR of the document that he
>can use to check against the current one.  The file also includes
>various fixes to bugs in the original document.
>Presumably, he'll incorporate anything differences into the svn.

I made a diff and put all the changes to the kernel in svn.  I just
checked it in.

I tried "cold=1" and it seems to have written a file system to the RF
disk.  It looks correct from a dump anyway.

I think the init dies because "sys read" does not work and there are
still missing pages.

I'll add the missing pages from James' work next.


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