[TUHS] [SPAM] Re: FreeBSD behind the times?

Dermot Tynan dtynan at kalopa.com
Sun Jan 31 22:23:13 AEST 2021

On 30/01/2021 23:54, Larry McVoy wrote:
> You like FreeBSD, cool, it's fine. Nobody will ever know because nobody
> is going to put up with a 1990's era installer.  Nobody.  It's 2020, shit
> is just supposed to work, it's supposed do so in a graphical environment
> let works with or without a mouse.  Anyone who doesn't see that isn't
> going to get any market share.

It's "horses for courses". I run a mix of FreeBSD and Linux servers. As 
they're headless, the last thing I want is X on there. Ideally, I'd 
strip out the automount crap as well, to say nothing of the horror that 
is systemd. But yeah, those people with desktops want a simple GUI 
install and they want their USB stick to appear as a "folder". I run 
Ubuntu on my desktop for vaguely those reasons (and Dropbox!).

I think the biggest threat to FreeBSD is docker/k8s and things like 
libvirt. Unfortunately, most open source (and closed source) software 
runs de facto on Linux (if it runs on Unix-esque systems), and the ports 
to FreeBSD are slow in coming. Last time I looked, there was no native 
Dropbox client.

As a server though, if you don't need to use it as a hypervisor or a 
container system, it gets my vote. But again it's down to preference. 
Linux has the breeze now, and is streaking ahead of the *BSDs. Sad, but 
                         - Der

Dermot Tynan
dtynan at kalopa.com

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