[TUHS] [SPAM] Re: FreeBSD behind the times? (was: Favorite unix design principles?)

Larry McVoy lm at mcvoy.com
Sun Jan 31 09:54:59 AEST 2021

On Sat, Jan 30, 2021 at 03:37:29PM -0800, Jon Steinhart wrote:
> Larry McVoy writes:
> > It's 20 years past the time for that re-evaluation.  Seriously, Linux
> > distros have been installing in X for at least 20 years, I think maybe
> > more.  If they can do it....
> That doesn't mean that it's great.  

It's on the same level as Windows and has been for a long time.  In fact,
it has been better than Windows for at least 10 years and probably longer.
It takes me way longer to install Windows and then go get this driver, 
and then go get that one, whoops, that's the wrong one, they wanted 
32 bit emulation mode blah blah blah, go get that one. 

Linux, other than closed source drivers and even that is pretty pleasant
these days, just works.

> Huh, I thought that most of the linux developers these days ran on Macs.

I can imagine that, Macs have nice screens.  But they run Linux on their

Look, this is turning into a Linux vs BSD pissing contest.  You do
realize that I started in the best BSD ever, SunOS, right?  I was a BSD
guy long before I was a Linux guy, UW-Madison was all BSD on the vaxen
and I loved it.  But I didn't have to install it.  So it wasn't until
later I got to see the hell that is the FreeBSD installer.

You like FreeBSD, cool, it's fine.  Nobody will ever know because nobody
is going to put up with a 1990's era installer.  Nobody.  It's 2020, shit
is just supposed to work, it's supposed do so in a graphical environment
let works with or without a mouse.  Anyone who doesn't see that isn't
going to get any market share.

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