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On Thu, Jan 28, 2021 at 6:06 PM Jon Steinhart <jon at fourwinds.com> wrote:

> I have always found the I Ching to be an invaluable tool for
> making difficult management decisions.

Or any other kind of decisions.

Some of you may find amusing my (regrettably incomplete) "The Unix Power
Classic: A book about the Unix Way and its power" at <
http://vrici.lojban.org/~cowan/upc/>.  Section 41 seems to be the most

Thoughtful hackers hear about Unix
   and try to use it.
Ordinary hackers hear about Unix
   and mess about with it a little.
Thoughtless hackers hear about Unix
   and crack wise about it.
It wouldn't be Unix
   if there weren't wisecracks about it.

So we establish the following rules:

The most brilliant Unix seems the most obscure.
Advanced Unix seems like retrocomputing.
The most powerful code seems like just loops and conditionals.
The clearest code seems to be opaque.
The sharpest tools seem inadequate.
Solid code seems flaky.
Stable code seems to change.

Great methodologies don't have boundaries.
Great talent doesn't code fast.
Great music makes no sound.
The ideal elephant has no shape.
The Unix Way has no name.

Yet for just this reason
   it brings things to perfection.

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