[TUHS] AT&T 3B1 - Emulation available

Arnold Robbins arnold at skeeve.com
Fri Jan 29 20:49:17 AEST 2021

Hello All.

Many of you may remember the AT&T UNIX PC and 3B1.  These systems
were built by Convergent Technologies and sold by AT&T. They had an
MC 68010 processor, up to 4 Meg Ram and up to 67 Meg disk. The OS
was System V Release 2 vintage. There was a built-in 1200 baud modem,
and a primitive windowing system with mouse.

I had a 3B1 as my first personal system and spent many happy hours writing
code and documentation on it.

There is an emulator for it that recently became pretty stable. The original
software floppy images are available as well.  You can bring up a fairly
functional system without much difficulty.

The emulator is at https://github.com/philpem/freebee. You can install up
to two 175 Meg hard drives - a lot of space for the time.

The emulator's README.md there has links to lots of other interesting
3B1 bits, both installable software and Linux tools for exporting the
file system from disk image so it can be mounted under Linux and
importing it back. Included is an updated 'sysv' Linux kernel module
that can handle the byte-swapped file system.

I have made a pre-installed disk image available with a fair amount
of software, see https://www.skeeve.com/3b1/.

The emulator runs great under Linux; not so sure about MacOS or Windows. :-)

So, anyone wishing to journey back to 1987, have fun!


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