[TUHS] More archeology

Jon Steinhart jon at fourwinds.com
Fri Jan 29 05:51:58 AEST 2021

Another stack of old notebooks.  I can scan these in if anyone is interested
and if they're not available elsewhere.  In addition to what's below, I have
a fat notebook with the BRL CAD package docs.

These are V/W papers from Stanford - Lantz/Cheriton et. al.

Multi-process Structuring of User Interface Software
Refernce Models, Window Systems, and Concurrency
An Experiment in Integrated Multimedia Conferencing
An Architecture for Configurable User Interfaces
An Empirical Study of Distributed Application Performance
Third Generation Graphics for Distributed Systems
Virtual Terminal Management In A Multiple Process environment
Distributed Process Groups in the V Kernel
The Distributed V Kernel and its Performance for Diskless Workstations
Effective Use of Large RAM Memories on Diskless Workstations with the V Virtual Memory System
Evaluating Hardware Support for Superconcurrency with the V Kernel
Fault-tolerant Transaction Management in a Workstation Cluster
File Access Performance of Diskless Workstations
An Introduction to the V System
The Multi-Satellite Star: Structuring Parallel Computations for a Workstation Cluster
UIO: A Uniform I/O System Interface for Distributed Systems
The V Kernel: A Software Base for Distributed Systems

Other random stuff

Bitmap Graphics (SIGGRAPH '84 Course Notes, Pike et. al.)
A Window Manager with a Moduler User Interface (Whitechapel?)
IRIS-4D Superworkstation and Visual Computing
IRIS GT Graphics Architecture
Position Paper on the Importance and Application of Video Mixing Display Architectures (Jack Grimes)
A Data-Flow Manager for an Interactive Programming Environment (Paul Haeberli)
Multiple Programs in One UNIX Process (Don Libes - from ;login:)
Lightweight Processes for UNIX Implementation and Applications (Jonathan Kepecs)
A Capability Based Hierarchic Architecture for UNIX Window Management (R. D. Trammell)
MEX - A Window Manager for the IRIS (Rocky Rhodes et. al.)
Windows for UNIX at Lucasfilm (Hawley, Leffler)
Next-Generation Hardware for Windowed Displays (McGeady)
Problems Implementing Window Systems in UNIX (Gettys)
Mach: A New Kernel Foundation For UNIX Development  (Accetta et. al.)
Uwm: A User Interface for X Windows (Ganearz)
Programming with Windows on the Major Workstations or Through a Glass Darkly (Daniel, Rogers)
PIX, the latest NeWS (Leler)
Ace: a syntax-driven C preprocessor Overview (Gosling)
Attribute Considerations in Raster Graphics (Bresenham)
Ten Years of Window Systems - A Retrospective View (Teitelman)
W User's Manual (Asente)
The WA Beyond Traditional Window Systems (An Overviw of The Workstation Agent (Lantz et. al., draft, marked not to to be redistributed)
Performance Measurements of the WA (Islam)
STDWIN: A Standard Window System Interface (Rossum)
Summary of Current Research (Lantz et. al. at Olivetti)
User Interfaces in Window Systems: Architechure and Implementation (Farrell, Schwartz; SIGCHI)
Introduction to the GMW Window System (Hagiya)
UNIX Window Management Systems Client-Server Interface Specification (Williams et. al., Rutherford Apleton Laboaratory)
Curves Made Trivial (Gosling)
Smart Code, Stupid Memory: A Fast X Server for a Dumb Color Frame Buffer (McCormack)


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