[TUHS] tangential unix question: whatever happened to NeWS?

Nemo Nusquam cym224 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 05:26:35 AEST 2021

On 01/27/21 13:32, Grant Taylor via TUHS wrote:
> On 1/26/21 10:48 PM, Grant Taylor via TUHS wrote:
>> Would someone please educate and enlighten this youngin?
> Thank you Henry, Dave, and Jon for enlightening me.
> Now I have yet another thing to learn about.

Borenstein wrote a book ("Programming as if people mattered: Friendly 
Programs, Software Engineering, and Other Noble Delusions") in which he 
mused about W and X and Andrew.  (A very nice read but horribly 
expensive -- fortunately I bought it when PUP had reasonably priced 


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