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Grant Taylor gtaylor at tnetconsulting.net
Thu Jan 28 05:06:26 AEST 2021

On 1/26/21 10:56 PM, Greg A. Woods wrote:
> [not replying privately even though this is an old thread from back 
> in the time when I was still enjoying a care-free summer vacation,

<thumbs up>

> and even though Grant and/or his mailer set "reply-to" to be his 
> own address, not the list address,

It's not me or my mailer setting the Reply-To:.  It seems as if the 
mailing list is setting that on senders who's domain uses DMARC, which 
mine does.

> but because I'm still having rDNS issues and Grant's mailer won't 
> let mine deliver to him...]

I've added central... to my hosts file, so hopefully you can email me 
directly if you want to.

> Note that "Solaris" is a marketing name for a whole OS package 
> including the kernel, base system, user interface, and even some 
> applications.

<head tilt>

That's ... a different explanation than I've heard before.

I'm not saying I disagree with it, just that it's completely new to me.

> On the other hand "SunOS" the name of the base system OS (i.e. kernel 
> and userland).

Please elaborate.  Including using the same terms for both names.  How 
does "userland" compare to "base system" and / or "user interface"?

I'm also curious what differentiates between SunOS and a minimal install 
of Solaris.

> The name "SunOS" pre-dated the name "Solaris" but continues on as 
> the name of the base OS within the Solaris package.

I thought the "SunOS" vs "Solaris" was a marketing change around the 
time SunOS / Solaris transitioned from being more BSD to more Sys V.

I also thought that the retention of "SunOS" in the kernel name and 
versioning was for backward compatibility.

> Sun even back-pedaled and re-branded SunSO 4 as Solaris 1.0 before 
> the switch from BSD to something Sun liked to think was akin to SVR4.

I was not aware that some of -- what I'll call -- the naming shenanigans 
happened to SunOS 4.  I was only aware of things at SunOS 5.

Grant. . . .
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