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> Did Solaris follow in SunOS's foot steps?  Or did Solaris do something
> different?

Note that "Solaris" is a marketing name for a whole OS package including
the kernel, base system, user interface, and even some applications.

On the other hand "SunOS" the name of the base system OS (i.e. kernel
and userland).  The name "SunOS" pre-dated the name "Solaris" but
continues on as the name of the base OS within the Solaris package.

E.g. from the Wikipedia Solaris article:

    "For example, Solaris 2.4 incorporates SunOS 5.4. After Solaris 2.6,
    the 2. was dropped from the release name, so Solaris 7 incorporates
    SunOS 5.7, and the latest release SunOS 5.11 forms the core of
    Solaris 11.4."

and from the Wikipedia SunOS article:

    "Today, SunOS 5 is universally known as Solaris, although the SunOS
    name is still visible within the OS itself – in the startup banner,
    the output of the uname command, and man page footers, among other

    Matching a SunOS 5.x release to its corresponding Solaris marketing
    name is simple: each Solaris release name includes its corresponding
    SunOS 5 minor version number. For example, Solaris 2.4 incorporated
    SunOS 5.4. There is one small twist: after Solaris 2.6, the "2." was
    dropped from the Solaris name and the SunOS minor number appears by
    itself. The latest Solaris release is named Solaris 11 and
    incorporates SunOS 5.11."

Sun even back-pedaled and re-branded SunSO 4 as Solaris 1.0 before the
switch from BSD to something Sun liked to think was akin to SVR4.

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