[TUHS] tangential unix question: whatever happened to NeWS?

Ronald Natalie ron at ronnatalie.com
Mon Jan 25 06:39:13 AEST 2021

NeWS had a number of problems.   Oddly, James Gosling who designed NeWS 
(along with Owen Dunsmore who made the PostScript class mechanism) went 
on to do Java which got around the simple fact that as far as a 
programming language for human programmers, PostScript is absolutely 
abysmal.    It also suffered from other goofy mistakes like the 
"terminal" window when resized just made the 24x80 bigger by scaling up 
the fonts (most people expect to keep the font size but get more rows 
and columns).

Don Hopkins (is he here?) had done his pi menus (round menus) which were 
a pretty neat concept that never caught on elswehere on NeWS.

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