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Mon Jan 18 03:00:36 AEST 2021


Thanks for letting us know.  CCing TUHS as you did and BCCing a few others
that may not monitor the list.

FWIW: the graveside service was wonderful.  His daughter Devin did a super
job in her eulogy.

That said, I am passing on a message from the family.   For those of us
that knew him and worked with him over the years, the family is asking for
memories to be added here:

Benjamin's Park Memorial Chapel - Memorial Book

On Sat, Jan 16, 2021 at 4:36 AM Andrew Hume <andrew at humeweb.com> wrote:

> umm, a correction; joe sent me another link for the funeral:
> Also I sent the wrong link, typical of me.  Benjamin's Park Memorial
> Chapel - Service Details
> <https://www.benjaminsparkmemorialchapel.ca/ServiceDetails.aspx?snum=127607&fg=0>
> On Jan 15, 2021, at 5:54 PM, Andrew Hume <andrew at humeweb.com> wrote:
> an urgent request: can someone please send me sam leaflet’s email address?
> its needed for a funeral (dave tilbrook just died).
> also, rob pike, can you send me your email please?
> (these are for tilbrook’s son.)
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