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Mon Jan 18 02:37:38 AEST 2021

But this is you, right?
"sys/games/lib/fortunes:I'm just andrew.  -andrew"

On Sun, Jan 17, 2021 at 7:19 AM Andrew Hume <andrew at humeweb.com> wrote:
> i have probed recently about the origins of the “EGREG” (its all greg cession’s fault) error in Research Unix.
> alas, i recall nothing about this, and can’t recall ever getting the message.
> however, courtesy of Dave Presotto (i am fairly sure), there was an equivalent error
> in Plan 9, where more or less randomly, if your user id was ‘andrew’, system calls would fail.
> and yes, i did feel special; this was one of my lesser contributions to Plan 9.
> this stopped after a while (several to many months, maybe).
> andrew hume

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