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Stanley Lieber sl at stanleylieber.com
Thu Jan 14 08:15:13 AEST 2021


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Hello TUHS,

I don't know if that mail arrives since I'm not subscribed to the tuhs
mailing list.  I just thought this might be interesting to some of
you, especially since I noticed there are some threads about the
writer's workbench.

Some weeks ago I started porting V10 wwb tools to 9front (which is a
fork of Plan 9).  I have still many things to do and currently only
limited time, but the greater tools (style, diction and suggest) work.

Most code worked fine, btw, only minor changes needed.  Especially
implicit C declarations and missing #includes.  Comparison with the
original code in the archive is possible.

I also tried porting (or rewriting) the shell scripts in rc, and made
mkfiles that better fit the Plan 9 build systems.  I also included
acme commands, they also translate the locations into the plumber
format for the files (filename:line).

Here's a link to the git repository (yes, we have a native git
implementation now): https://git.sr.ht/~sirjofri/wwb9


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