[TUHS] The 2038 bug...

Dario Niedermann dario at darioniedermann.it
Thu Jan 7 04:05:13 AEST 2021

Il 06/01/2021 alle 18:08, Henry Bent ha scritto:

>On Wed, 6 Jan 2021 at 11:40, Dario Niedermann <dario at darioniedermann.it> 
>>Il 31/12/2020 alle 16:30, Warner Losh ha scritto:
>>>Time_t was still 32 bits last I checked on i386 and a few others...
>> On recent Linux/i386 kernels it's actually 64 bits. In practice, only 
>> users who are stuck with old i386 Linux versions will have a problem.
>Do you happen to know what the cutoff is?  Are 2.6 kernels (still very 
>common) safe?  3.x?  4.x?

5.6 is the first 32-bit kernel with 64-bit time_t, according to:


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