[TUHS] G.W.R. Luderer

Brian Walden tuhs at cuzuco.com
Sat Jan 2 13:06:35 AEST 2021

His autobiography, Go West, Young German! states it is luderer at asu.edu -- but that was published a decade ago.

Paul Ruizendaal (pnr at planet.nl) wrote:
> I am looking for some more background on the 1980/81 "S/F-Unix" system.
> Gottfried W. R. Luderer, H. Che, J. P. Haggerty, Peter A. Kirslis, W. T. Marshall:
> A Distributed UNIX System Based on a Virtual Circuit Switch. SOSP 1981: 160-168

> I have that paper, and Bill Marshall was kind enough to provide a lot of info. I think that Gottfried Luderer may have some further background, in particular on how this work relates to earlier distributed file system projects at Bell Labs.
> Would anybody have a current e-mail address for him?
> Paul

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