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I got manpages! Thanks. I took the tarball, extracted the files, cpio'd 
'em onto a tape cartridge image, pulled 'em off the cartridge onto 
/usr2/manpages, installed the Documenter's Workbench and:

    nroff -man echo.1
          ECHO(1)                   UNIX System V ECHO(1)

               echo - echo arguments

               echo [ arg ] ...


Now to type in Stephen's version of man in shell script form :).



On 12/28/21 3:21 PM, Greg A. Woods wrote:
> At Mon, 27 Dec 2021 09:11:20 -0800, "Seth Morabito"<web at loomcom.com>  wrote:
> Subject: Re: [TUHS] manpages in svr2
>> I don't believe AT&T ever distributed manpages for the 3B2, but if I'm
>> wrong and someone has a link to a set, I would be very happy to
>> archive them! It's quite possible that at some point someone compiled
>> a set of manpages as a third-party package, but unfortunately so many
>> of the old 3B2 archives disappeared in the late 2000s before I (or
>> anyone else I know) had a chance to archive them completely.
> I definitely had man pages on my 3B2/400 with SysVr3 (and r3.2).
> They were pre-formatted (catman), not troff source though, IIRC.
> This was true for all of UNIX System V, at least from 2.0 on.
> There was a separate "source" distribution for the documentation, called
> the "Machine Readable Documentation", aka MRD.  It contains source for
> all of the system documentation, not just the manual pages.
> The separation was necessary due to the separate licensing of the
> Documenter's Workbench.  You couldn't format roff documents without it,
> not even with nroff, so source for the documentation would be useless to
> anyone who didn't also license DWB.  (IIRC some Unix licensees kept
> their versions of V7 nroff working on their later SysV releases so that
> they could ship man page sources that would be usable, but using that
> ancient troff with modern printers was painful even with Chris Lewis'
> psroff.)
> The archive.org copy of SysVr2.0-NS32k contains source for DWB, MRD, as
> well as the system and commands:
> https://archive.org/download/ATTUNIXSystemVRelease4Version2/SysVr2.0_32000.tgz
> I don't know if it is legal or not, but it's been there for ages.
> IIRC somewhere there on archive.org there's also a SysVr2 for VAX too,
> complete with binaries and sources, and it has catman pages included.
> I do happen to have a copy of the MRD for SysVr3.2 for 3B2, but I don't
> think it is legal.  I also had a legal binary license for DWB-2.0 for
> 3B2, but I don't think I have a copy of the media any more.
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