[TUHS] Is it time to resurrect the original dsw (delete with switches)?

John Dow johnmdow at me.com
Mon Aug 30 19:14:15 AEST 2021

On 30/08/2021 00:09, Henry Bent wrote:

> On Sun, 29 Aug 2021 at 18:13, Jon Steinhart <jon at fourwinds.com 
> <mailto:jon at fourwinds.com>> wrote:
>     I recently upgraded my machines to fc34.  I just did a stock
>     uncomplicated installation using the defaults and it failed miserably.
>     Fc34 uses btrfs as the default filesystem so I thought that I'd
>     give it
>     a try.
> ... cut out a lot about how no sane person would want to use btrfs ...
>     Or, as Saturday Night Live might put it:  And now, linux, starring the
>     not ready for prime time filesystem.  Seems like something that's been
>     under development for around 15 years should be in better shape.
> To my way of thinking this isn't a Linux problem, or even a btrfs 
> problem, it's a Fedora problem.  They're the ones who decided to 
> switch their default filesystem to something that clearly isn't ready 
> for prime time.

This. Even the Arch wiki makes it clear that btrfs isn't ready for prime 
time. It's still under very heavy development - not really something you 
want for a filesystem, particularly one storing a large amount of 
critical data.


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