[TUHS] Systematic approach to command-line interfaces

Tom Lyon pugs at ieee.org
Thu Aug 12 07:24:02 AEST 2021

I never had the pleasure of playing with Transputers, but it sounds nice.
Of course, I'd want the networking to be Ethernet/IP centric these days.

On Wed, Aug 11, 2021 at 11:11 AM Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <tih at hamartun.priv.no>

> Tom Lyon via TUHS <tuhs at minnie.tuhs.org> writes:
> > What if CPU designers would add facilities to directly implement
> > inter-process or inter-processor messaging?
> You mean like INMOS's Transputer architecture from back in the late
> eighties and early nineties?  Each processor had a thread scheduling and
> message passing microkernel implemented in its microcode, and had four
> bi-directional links to other processors, so you could build a grid.
> They designed the language Occam along with it, to be its lowest level
> language; it and the instruction set were designed to match.  Occam has
> threads and message passing as built-in concepts, of course.
> -tih (playing with the Helios distributed OS on Transputer hardware)
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> Most people who graduate with CS degrees don't understand the significance
> of Lisp.  Lisp is the most important idea in computer science.  --Alan Kay

- Tom
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