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On Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 11:35 AM Heinz Lycklama <heinz at osta.com> wrote:

> Not true. LSX was developed by yours truly during the mid-70's
> while I was at Bell Labs in Murray Hill. See BSTJ July/August 1978,
> page 2087-2101. It was developed to support some real-time
> features like contiguous files and asynchronous I/O. A number
> of groups in Bell Labs used LSX and added device drivers to
> support their dedicated applications.
> Western Electric (WE) was responsible for licensing the UNIX system
> at the time and only provided source code for the UNIX system for
> the PDP11 computer with an MMU for $20K. LSX source code
> was not included in this.
> I also developed (actually modified and wrote device drivers for)
> a version of the UNIX system that ran on the PDP11/10 computer,
> which also did not have an MMU. It could support up to four users.
> I believe that the source code for this system (Mini-UNIX) was
> provided to some universities by the UNIX Support group at
> Bell Labs. WE did not license this.

The Auug newsletters talk a lot about miniunix, fixes to miniunix, etc.
People offered copies to any Unix licensees. Most of these were


I do not believe that WE ever considered licensing a binary
> version of LSX or the UNIX System to run on the IBM PC or
> any other microcomputer. WE only offered binary licenses
> later on, and then only for the PDP11 with an MMU first.
> In hindsight, a missed opportunity, but that's another story.
> Doug may be able to offer some insight into this as well.
> Thanks for asking,
> Heinz Lycklama
> On 2/21/2020 2:37 AM, Ed Bradford wrote:
> I also worked with LSX - a stripped down version of Unix that required no
> MMU. It worked on a PDP 11/03 and we delivered an LSX product to the
> telco's based on LSX. My faulty memory tells me Mike Lesk created LSX. Is
> that true?
> Did BTL/AT&T ever try to sell LSX to IBM for its 1981 intro of the IBM PC?
> Ed Bradford, BTL 1976-1983
> Columbus and Whippany
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